What Our Customers Say...

Exceptional service earns customer loyalty.
Here's what some of our customers say about International Marine.

"Rui Costa e Sousa & Irmao SA takes special pleasure in recommending doing business with International Marine Industries, Inc. We have been a loyal customer for several years and greatly appreciate the support and success we've had working together. We look forward to a prosperous future this relationship has brought us."

Nuno Pereira, Import Manager, Rui Costa e Sousa & Irmao SA

"Blue North Fisheries has been doing business with International Marine Industries for several years and has been extremely pleased with the product quality, competitive pricing and the exceptional service. We look forward to a continuing relationship in the future."

Lance Magnuson, Sales Manager, Blue North Fisheries, Inc.

"There is no one in the bait business in North America that has the service, expertise and quality of bait product that Justin has at International Marine Industries, Inc. Once you have dealt with them you realize the days of making 25 or 30 calls to order bait, then have to worry about the quality of the product are over. Their quality and prices are always the best."

Jim Kearley, Owner/President, Growler Cove Bait Company, Canada

"International Marine Industries, Inc. has serviced our bait needs for the past several years with quality products, competitive pricing and reliable market analysis. Our customized program enables us to support our longline and pot bait needs wherever our boats are fishing."

Mary Boggs, Operations Manager, Deep Sea Fisheries, Inc.